Cash Money Fantasy Prize Leagues

There are all kinds of different leagues in which fantasy sports can be played. With the growth of fantasy sports leagues, the increase in the number of sites has gone up as well. More than ever are the types of sites where money and different prizes are awarded to those players choose to play. And while there may be variations of fantasy sports sites and how they are run, at the end of the day many of them have the common end of winning cash and prizes.

In order to establish what types of prizes can be won from playing at a fantasy league site, users should determine what type of player they are. Are they a player that will follow their team all season long and keep up with it, or are they a player who will sporadically become interested and play at various points throughout the season? Or, and many users can be this way as well, are you a combination of the sort? It's important to know this because there are prize leagues for fantasy sports that are specific to these player types. You'll find out about two fantasy sports prize leagues below that offer different winnings to their users, and how you can play at them.

Are Fantasy Leagues That Have Cash Prizes Legal?

The main issue here comes down to whether or not betting on fantasy sports is legal. In the United States, it is completely legal. Most websites with fantasy sports prize leagues are U.S. based websites that specifically cater to Americans that want to win money playing fantasy sports games online. Risking money on fantasy sports leagues + weekly contests is not considered 'sports betting', a ruling which comes down from the federal courts, as it is considered to be a game of skill. As such, playing for prizes at fantasy sites is 100% legal for most residents of the United States.

Websites That Feature The Biggest Prize Leagues For Fantasy Sports

There are two general types of leagues that cater to users interested in fantasy sports. This feeds into the points we brought up in the intro about deciding which type of player you are. There is the traditional league where it's a league that operates all season under one team for one user. Then there are daily/weekly betting sites where the prize in most cases is cash. However, there can be various tournaments where prizes are on the line as well.

No Commitment Fantasy Websites - Weekly / Daily Fantasy Prize Leagues

The concept with daily and weekly prize leagues centers on betting. In other words, the prizes at stake for the majority of these leagues are cash. Users at daily/weekly fantasy sites can enter into as many prize leagues as they want and play for about as much as they want.

The biggest difference here is that the individual leagues do not last the entire season. There will be leagues that are formed all season long, but those specific ones come to a conclusion after one day or one week. From there, it's as if a new season has begun, with new prizes and cash available for users to get it on.

Another key difference though is the fact that users aren't committed to having to play every week. If they want to play in 10 leagues one day, they don't have to play ever again if they don't want to. Or if they choose they can play 10 more tournaments the next day.

FanDuel - Best Website With Daily + Even Hourly Prizes Awarded

Cash and prizes are awarded in the amount of millions of dollars every month at FanDuel. This site specializes in fantasy sports betting, and allows it to take place in several settings. Bettors can play in daily leagues for prizes that will be awarded at the end of that day, and take on an entirely new set of teams the following day. Weekly NFL betting is the most popular league on site, but even that can break down into daily betting as well.

FanDuel isn't just about NFL betting though, as they offer the chance to win money in basketball and baseball as well. Users can create their account and join in on the fun within minutes to get their teams set up and ready to roll.

Season Long, Draft Fantasy Websites - Normal Fantasy Prize Leagues

This type of fantasy sports prize league awards owners at the end of the season once a champion has been crowned. Depending on the site the league operates under, it could be prizes, cash, or can be both. If a user enters into a traditional prize league, then they would be aware of what they are playing for at the end of the season. Unlike daily and weekly leagues, prizes would not be awarded until the league has ended which takes place at or near the conclusion of a season. There are a set number of prizes for the league, which is also different from the other type of league available because it is up to the user to determine how many prizes that they would like to play for.

The fantasy sports prize leagues at CBS Sports give leagues a range of different options to pick from. The leagues are not under an obligation to play for prizes, as there are free leagues available. However, leagues can sign up for prize leagues, which are then handed out at the completion of the league. There is a fee assessed at the start of the league for the season, which then corresponds to a package that the league plays for.

CBS Sports offers prize leagues in sports like football, basketball, baseball, and more. Specific details on the sport and league that users are interested in for prizes are available on site. The creation of a unique league with prizes can make for a ton of fun.

How Much Can I Win In A Paid Fantasy Sports League?

In terms of prize packages at traditional fantasy league sites there are limits based purely on the fact that there are established packages to play for in most cases. However, at a fantasy betting site, the sky's the limit for the earning potential. It all has to do with how much you bet, how many tournaments you enter, and of course whether or not you win or lose.